Employee Feedback

I have worked at IRD for 3 years and it has enriched my life greatly, just by seeing how we have helped so many children become better readers and stronger students. I am a passionate reader now, but I was a poor reader growing up & have a child who struggled with reading. Many times I have wished we could have both had the opportunity to take these classes years ago. I know they would have made our lives easier, especially now that I have taken the adult class.

— Marla

Thank you for this opportunity. I got some of the best training I have EVER had. [My supervisors] really helped me to succeed and I hope they all get to know my gratitude. My one on ones with [my supervisor] were the most effective.... [She] implemented my favorite management technique, "the sandwich method." She always pointed out what was right with my calls first, then hit me with where I needed improvement, then finished it off with encouragement.

— Carol

I enjoyed how a portion of the training focused on childhood development and how that relates to our program. That was instrumental in assisting me with speaking with parents about where their children often times were in their respective developmental cycles. IRD was a fantastic company to have worked for and I will continue to look back upon my time there with kind thoughts and recommend it to EVERYONE who would like to improve their reading skills or sharpen their abilities further.

— Chris

II have had the privilege of working here year round for eight years, and I LOVE it! I love being able to help parents find solutions for their students' needs. My family has personally benefited from these programs. My son was a struggling student all of his life. He was a VERY slow, but avid reader before taking this class. Then he took Program 6 and loved the results. He learned so many valuable skills here that his grades shot up as well as his self-esteem, and he spent much less time on his homework with better results. Our whole family has benefited from taking the classes for adults. I've made lifelong friends here. I absolutely LOVE the fact that for the first time in my life I am being financially compensated in direct proportion to my work ethic! When I first applied for this job I didn't think that it was "a good fit" but I'd give it a try. During my first interview I was convinced that this was a program that I could be proud to promote even though I'd never been a good salesperson. I didn't think that I'd even make it past the first month. I was VERY surprised when I made bonus my first week on the phones, even more surprised that I kept getting bonuses! This has been a great journey and I look forward to many more great years here at IRD.

— Joanna

Having come from a long career serving the not-for-profit sector and youth organizations, the most compelling aspect of my work at IRD has been the passion of its founders and my colleagues for helping kids thrive. Each stage of the curriculum is targeted to spark life-long connections to books, and build confidence in readers. It's a pleasure to speak to parents, children, and educators about their interests and/or concerns, and then present the merits of the programs. I sincerely believe in what I'm offering because I hear the first-hand reports directly from families about the very real transformations that occur.

— Monica

[My supervisor] was available, dependable, and specific in his coaching. He was clear with expectations and performance measurements. [He] really built an atmosphere of trust with his team which allowed us to seek coaching when needed instead of waiting for issues to compound. I'm glad to be back!

— Michele

I ABSOLUTELY loved working for IRD and I hope that I will be invited to be your employee again.

— Cheryl